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Frequently asked questions

Note: Many answers to questions about UTILITIES
can be found in the Utility Department's FAQ section.

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How did Truth or Consequences get its name?

Ralph Edwards, gameshow host of Truth or ConsequencesThe town's name was changed from "Hot Springs" to "Truth or Consequences" on March 31, 1950, after Ralph Edwards, the host of the popular game show "Truth or Consequences," called for any town in America to do so - in celebration of the show's ten year anniversary.

The complete story of the name change can be found on the T or C Fiesta website.offsite link

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Where is Spaceport America?

New Mexico's Spaceport America, currently under construction, is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Truth or Consequences in a remote area near Upham that is favored due to low population density, uncongested airspace, and high elevation.

A more detailed map (with less context) is featured on the Spaceport America website.offsite link

Spaceport America location
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What permits and other information do I need to open a business in town?

You must have a business license, available from the City Clerk, if your business is located within the city limits, and from the County Clerk if it is outside the city limits.

You must have a CRS number (CRS = Combined Reporting System) in order to pay local gross receipts tax offsite link (GRT) on applicable sales. Our City Clerks can assist with a CRS number, or you can apply for one online.offsite link

You'll also need a Federal Employee Identification Number (EIN), which may be obtained online.offsite link

If you operate a hotel, motel or bed and breakfast, you are required to pay Lodgers Tax. Contact the City Clerk for information.

Call the Building Inspector to schedule a Fire/Safety/ADA Compliance Inspection. Your building must pass this inspection before your business can open.

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I'm moving to T or C. Where can I get a relocation packet?

Contact our local Chamber of Commerce offsite link for this information and more.
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Does T or C have a recycling program?

Recyclables - all types of plastic, aluminum cans, and mixed paper/junk mail, cardboard and newspaper - may be dropped during the Recycling Center's operating hours in the appropriately labeled drop off bins. The recycling center's hours can be found on the city's Solid Waste page.

Materials must be separated (plastic; aluminum cans; paper) and anything that previously held liquid or food should be well-rinsed and air-dried.

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How do I register to vote?

Visit the County Clerk's office at 100 N. Date to register for all municipal, county and general elections. If you can not visit the office in person, call the Clerk's office at 894-2840 and ask them to mail voter registration forms to you. You will be required to send proof of residency with the completed form.

If you'd rather register online, numerous websites provide the means to do so, including Congress.orgoffsite link,,offsite link and Rock the Vote.offsite link

No matter what method of registration you choose, the State of New Mexico requires that you supply your social security number and date of birth when registering. Though limited voter registration information is made available to the public, your social security number and date of birth are kept confidential, and are never disclosed as part of that information.

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My organization is considering holding a conference or retreat in T or C. Are there resources available to help me plan this event?

You'll find a meeting planner section offsite link on Sierra County's Tourism and Recreation website, with information on lodging, restaurants and meeting space in T or C and throughout the county.

The Sierra County Tourism Director, Gina Kelley, is also available to assist you. Call Gina at 575-740-3902, or email
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Where can I find wireless internet?

The Sierra County Tourism site offsite link has a list of at least a few of our wireless internet spots.
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Can I pay my utility bills online?

Yes! You can pay your bill online, or arrange to have payments made with automatic draft. See the Utility Department page for more info.
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May I water my lawn any time I want to?

Yes - but only from October 1 though March 31.

Otherwise (April 1 - September 30), the City enforces a Restricted Watering Schedule in an effort to conserve water. You'll find the schedule (and answers to many more of your questions on local utilities) on the Utilities Department page.

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What should I do with grass clippings and other trimmings from my yard?

Please contact the City's Solid Waste Department (575-894-6939) for the latest information on the disposal of yard waste..
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Who is responsible for upkeep on the alley behind my house or business?

Property owners share responsibility for maintaining alleyways. If you own property with an adjacent alley, you must maintain the alley to its halfway point. (Your neighbor across the alley is responsible for the other half.) The same goes for easements between properties. You are responsible for the easement on your side of the property line.
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How do I find out if a contractor is licensed or bonded?

Either the Building Inspector or the Code Compliance Officer can give you this information.
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I am making improvements to my home or business. If the resulting debris is stacked next to the dumpster, will the garbage trucks haul it away?

Please see the information on the City's Solid Waste Department page for the latest information on disposal of construction debris.
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My pet is missing! What should I do?

If you've purchased a license for your cat or dog (and put the tag on your pet's collar) and they are picked up by Animal Control, the City Clerk's office will be contacted. The Clerk's office will in turn look up the license number and contact the pet's registered owner.

Otherwise, you can check the two Animal Shelters (Sierra offsite link and Desert Haven offsite link), and let the Police Department know (call dispatch for lost pets; do not call 911 unless someone's life is in immediate danger). You might also try calling the local radio station; they may be willing to make an on-air announcement about your missing pet.

Posting flyers in your neighborhood may help you locate your pet, but you are responsible for removing any flyers you post after they are no longer needed.

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