Head Lifeguard

Description :

The Head Lifeguard ensures the safety of patrons by preventing and responding to emergencies at the Cities public pool. The Head Lifeguard also enforces the facility’s policies, rules, and regulations. The Head Lifeguard worker is expected to assist in recruiting, overseeing, instructing, and assessing the personnel who work at the swimming facility.

The Head Lifeguard position works directly under the supervision of the Pool Manager and supervises the other lifeguards.

  • Constantly observes swimmers.
  • Constantly making sure every area is safe and all the rules are followed for protecting their safety, giving first aid with using the rescue techniques.
  • Evaluates conditions for safety and initiates emergency action plan as required.
  • Keep the facility clean and up to safety standards, which may include adding chemicals to a pool according to safety guidelines; ensuring paths are clear of any hazards; and maintaining the trash and locker room areas.
  • Provide swimming instructions.
  • Report to Pool Manager/Supervisor any repairs, issues, complaints, and over all concerns that need to be attended to.
  • A minimum of one (1) year experience as a lifeguard and successful completion of advance American Red Cross Safety is preferred.
  • Work experience in dealing with the general public is preferred.
  • Must have prior experience in swimming, rescue work, resuscitation, and in giving first aid.
  • Must know in a professional level, CPR, first aid, automatic external defibrillator (AED), and oxygen administration.
  • Must have organizational skills to maintain records and reports regarding daily attendance, water quality and condition, and incidents and accidents.
  • Must organize and oversee pool events; swimming lessons, parties, swim competitions..,etc. and be present to observe activities for the full duration of an event.
  • Must be available to conduct weekly trainings, evaluate, and give instruction to lifeguards to improve techniques, and perform CPR audits.
  • Must be an extremely strong swimmer, even in undesirable conditions, swim strongly while pulling or carrying another person.
  • Must communicate issues or emergencies to peers and management clearly and effectively to ensure an individual is brought back to safety as soon as possible.
  • Must be able to answer any questions or concerns that patrons may have.
  • Must have observation skills – head lifeguards constantly scan their work area to detect safety concerns and practice preventative lifeguarding.
  • Must have Knowledge of on-site protocols, operational procedures, and safety policies.
  • Valid New Mexico Driver’s License.
  • Must successfully pass pre-employment drug screening.
  • Must maintain current certifications in professional-level CPR, first aid, automatic external defibrillator (AED), and oxygen administration.

Contact : Human Resource Office
505 Sims St.
T or C, NM 87901


Deadline for Applying : Mar 19, 2021