Official Press Release

**Official Press Release**

On January 22, 2020 Truth or Consequences Police Officer Rafael Marin attempted to initiate a traffic stop with a vehicle he suspected of possibly burglarizing a business in Williamsburg, NM.  The vehicle which was used as a water transport vehicle then fled from Officer Marin and Sierra County Sheriff's Deputy Zack Zavala down county road 187, headed south bound.  The vehicle stopped several times during this pursuit and attempted to back up and ram both Officer Marin and Deputy Zavala's patrol units.  Law enforcement pursued the vehicle down into Animas Creek canyon where the vehicle then intentionally rammed Officer Marin's patrol unit.  The vehicle then stopped and the driver exited the vehicle and fled on foot from Officer Marin and Deputy Zavala, who were unable to located him in the pitch black darkness.

The Sierra County Sheriff's Immediate Response Team was called out to the scene where a perimeter was set up to attempt to locate the driver of the vehicle who was later identified as, Adrian Valenzuela.  The U.S. Border Patrol trakcers along with their canine also assisted with the search of Valenzuela.  Law enforcement spoke with residents of Animas Creek and obtained information that Valenzuela was staying at a vacant property, and had observed the water truck at this property with him.  Law enforcement went to this property in which Valenzuela again fled on foot from law enforcement.

As law enforcement continued their search they received information that Valenzuela had stolen an ATV from a neighboring ranch and had fled south.  It was later the next day on January 23, 2020 that Valenzuela was captured and detained near Hatch by the victim's of the stolen ATV.  Valenzuela was then arrested and taken into custody by the Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office.  Valenzuela has been charged with numerous felonies some to include Aggravated Battery Upon a Peace Officer, and Aggravated Fleeing.  The vehicle that Valenzuela was driving during this pursuit was reported stolen out of Anthony, TX.  Valenzuela also had outstanding warrants out of Anthony, TX and Dona Ana County Sheriff's Office.

City PIO - Deputy Chief Erica Baker