Start A Business

Business Registration Form
In order to start a new business in Truth or Consequences, you will need to complete the Truth or Consequences Business Registration Form which can be downloaded here:  Please note that this form requires a New Mexico Tax ID number (also called a CRS number).  If you don't already have a CRS number, you can obtain one from the state of New Mexico here.

Once you have a completed Business Registration form
Once you have completed the business registration form, please bring it to the City Clerk's Office at 505 Sims Street, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901.  We will submit your application to the Designated Zoning Official, and they will examine the zoning of the proposed business location, suitability of the proposed address for business use, notify neighbors if a home-based business is being proposed, etc.  Once the registration form has been approved, the City Clerk's Office will contact you to come in and pay the $35 business registration fee. They will process your business registration and issue you a certificate. The business registration fee is $35 (Cash, Check, or Money Order only) and is payable at the time that your business is registered and must be renewed annually.  Please note that business registrations are not pro-rated and each registration expires on December 31st of each year. 

If your business moves to a new location
If your business moves to a new location, please notify the Planning & Zoning Office at 401 McAdoo Street, Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 so that they can approve the zoning and suitability of the new location.  Once approved, please go by the City Clerk's Office and notify them of the move so that they can update your business information and ensure that renewal notifications are sent to the proper address.

Renewing your business registration
Each year in December, the City Clerk's Office will send out a new business registration form and renewal notice to the registered address of the business. Please complete this registration form and return it with the registration fee to the City Clerk's Office and they will process the renewal.  If you have not renewed your business registration by March 15, the registration will be considered delinquent and subject to an additional fee.