Swimming Pool

Ashley Galicia, Pool Manager 

Pool Schedule

Municipal after resurfacing.
J.A. Hodges Municipal Swimming Pool is located at 775 Daniel's Street, Downtown TorC.
Phone: 575-894-6151 

Pool Map

Are there lane lines present during lap swim?

Can more than one person use a pass?

When do the passes expire?

Can my pass be extended for any reason?

How old do I have to be to qualify as a Senior?

Do I have to show an ID?

My family is visiting for the week, can they use my pass too?

Why do infants have to be accompanied by a paying adult?

Why do you charge for non-swimmers?

Do you give other discounts for military or veterans?

Do city employees or their families get in for free?

What is the fee to lap swim?

What time are the designated lap swims?

Are there any other times available for lap swimming?

Who can attend the lap swims?

How many people are allowed to swim in each lane?

What type of equipment is provided or am I allowed to bring my own?

When are the Aerobics classes?

Who can come to Aerobics classes?

What is the fee to attend an aerobics class?

Is there an instructor?

Do I need any special equipment?

Is there music during the aerobics?

What is therapeutic swim?

When are the therapeutic swims?

Who can come to therapeutic swims?

What is the fee to attend therapeutic swim?