License My Pet

Dogs and Cats

Dogs and Cats owned by residents living in the City of Truth or Consequences are required to be licensed.  The term of the license runs in conjunction with the animal's rabies vaccination so there is no requirement for annual renewal as long as the animal's vaccination is still current.

Animal licenses may be obtained from the City Clerk's Office.  You will need to present a certificate from your vet giving the date of the animal's rabies vaccination and the expiration date of the term of vaccination.  It should also show whether the animal is intact or has been spayed/neutered.

Fees for pet licenses are $50/per term for intact pets and $5 per term for animals that have been spayed/neutered.

If a business premise is being used for the buying, selling, breeding, training, fostering, rescuing, or boarding of animals, said business shall apply for a kennel permit. All business applicants must have a valid business license issued through the city at the time of application. The fee for Business Registration is $35 per year. Please contact City Clerk at 894-6673 for additional information. 

There shall not be more than seven animals in any combination thereof for multi-animal residential or commercial site permits. The maximum animal occupancy for kennel permits shall be determined based upon the recommendation of the animal control officer or designated zoning official or administrator to ensure there is adequate space and adequate shelter to ensure sanitary and safe conditions.No person shall keep or operate a residential or commercial multi-animal site without a permit issued by the city. All multi-animal and kennel permit applications are subject to an onsite visit of the premises by the animal control and designated zoning official or administrator prior to a hearing before the City’s Planning and Zoning Board and final approval from the Governing Body. The initial fee for this permit is $100 for the first year and $25/year thereafter.   

Other Animals
Other animals kept as pets are currently not required to be licensed.

Regardless of licensing status, all animals within the city limits of Truth or Consequences are subject to the City's Animal Control Ordinance defined in Chapter 3 of the City's Municipal Code.